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Liquid Air Energy Storage


Renewable Energy 24/7

Huge Energy develops second-generation LAES systems. As our technology ensures the long-term storage of industrial amounts of energy, it is crucial for the future of renewable energy, among other things. It also allows you to meet your zero net emissions target faster. Provides critical network stability services such as synchronous inertia, short circuit, and dynamic voltage control. Combined with renewable energy sources, they correspond in terms of efficiency to fossil-fueled thermal and nuclear energy.

Our clients include photovoltaic farms, wind farms, production companies, railways, heat and power plants and distribution companies.

A 50 MW / 250 MWh storage facility could store enough energy to re-generate electricity for 100,000 homes. It is the best option for medium and large-scale energy storage. Huge Energy offers installations starting at 10 MWh.



2nd Generation LAES.

Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES), i.e. a cryogenic energy storage system uses three main processes:

1.turning ambient  air into liquid,

2.storing the liquid air in tanks,

3.when needed, expanding the liquid air into a gas which generates electricity.

Condensed air is used for energy storage. Ambient air is sucked into the installation, compressed, and then cooled to a temperature of -196 ° C and placed in insulated low-pressure tanks. Chilled air can be stored for hours or even days.

To generate energy, liquid air is heated in such a way that it expands rapidly. The sudden increase in volume drives a turbine to generate electricity. The first generation of this technology is already widely used in Spain and the USA. Huge Energy Ltd. has second generation technology with greater efficiency.